Top photography tips for shooting the sunrise on top of Haleakala Volcano in Maui, Hawaii


Haleakala volcano rises up to 10,023 ft (3,055 m). Long and windy road goes all the way on top of the volcano. You need to wake up early in order to catch the whole sunrise. These pictures are taken between 5 am and 7 am and you can already see the sun glowing in the horizon even though official sunrise time is around 6 am.

Prior to the sunrise

For me the one of the best moments is before the sunrise when the stars are really bright on the horizon. We did have some moonlight, so it might get even better without it. The sun you can see already glowing in the distance from 5 AM.

Beat the crowds

Come early in order to get a parking spot. Don’t go with the crowd since there are a lot of people there. We went to the right side of the parking lot and the view was excellent. If you arrive late I would recommend Leleuwi overlook instead of the top summit. Remember to turn your head and look at also the light hitting the first glimpses of the Western part of Maui.

Reservations need to be made early online for getting the car into the national park for the Sunrise Online fee for signing up online is only 1,50 $ and entry fee for the car is 25 $. Card only. Recommended to bring along camera, tripod, warm clothing, warm drink and food. 😊 A must do for all travellers and photographers coming to Maui.

Leleuwi overlook on your way down

Also remember to fill your car tank and avoid all the cyclist on your way down. Stay also past the sunset and visit at least the Leleuwi overlook which gives you a totally new view to the area. Go all the way to the Leleuwi overlook in order to see the lava flow and view.




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